Mom from the perspective of a 5th daughter

This is Laura. Now its my turn to share about Mom.

Its been fun reading sisters post on Mom these last couple days. I read it and think “yup thats true. Mom’s like that or does that to me too.” And other times I think “Ha thats clever. Show Mom’s character through a story. Good idea.” Here goes.

sistesr-1-4Like the other sisters, Mom has played a very important role in my life. I’ll go ahead and tell you the only negative memory I have of Mom mothering me (other then her making me go shopping for new clothes). One night when I was in middle school, Mom was going to read to us some story. We loved being read to. I still love it. This night I took my shoes off to get comfortable and my feet were particularly smelly. I’m still embarrassed. Mom made me go wash my feet and probably commented how I should wear socks. I was so upset but didn’t show it. I went and washed my feet and decided I was going to show her and not come back. I was going to take a long time in the bathroom and then go to bed. I don’t think it really had an effect on her. I went to bed mad. Mom did come later to kiss me good night and made sure all was well. Since then I always wears socks when appropriate and  try to keep neutral smelling feet.

I don’t know if this is true for other sisters but Mom was always making me do thing I didn’t want to do – at first. Things I would never do on my own – like going to a school instead of homeschooling, taking piano lessons, going away to college, taking the ACT again and again, getting  a summer job, getting a job. Mom was always pushing me to get out of my bubble – which I hated and almost always included many tears.  But many of those things I soon came to love like college, my summer job, having a decent ACT score, and having money.

It wasn’t til I got that summer job that I begin to understand that being uncomfortable is an excellent place to grow as a person. Looking back now I see that each of those things Mom made me do made me a better person. She was purposely trying to help me in more the one way.

sistesr-1-5One of the biggest things Mom “encouraged” me to do was commit myself to a relationship with Brandon. Mom and I (and sisters) had had countless conversation at home about Brandon and how I was not sure if I liked him enough or if I should wait to commit til after summer  was over. Mom was always on Brandon’s side. I won’t say Mom bullied me into it, but I did finally decide after a conversation with Mom that Brandon was someone I didn’t want to loose and I needed to commit to keep him. Well I’m very happy with Brandon now and so very glad for Mom’s “encouragemnt.”

I love going home and hanging out with Mom. Mom allows and encourages you to be the person you should be. She never deterred us from making a music video. She regularly made monetary contributions to projects. She rarely ever kept us from cooking any kindof creation we could think of – no matter the ingredient.

I miss Mom since I no longer live at home, but I’m so glad I can call her almost anytime (unless she is skyping with Katie or at school) and just talk or get some advice. She is the only person who always wants to hear about all my details about an exciting day or trip.

I know we have a special Mom. We are very lucky to have her. I love her very much.

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More Mom


Emily here. Here are my thoughts on Mom today. She is the best. She is the best of so many things. I got to be with her for most of Mother’s Day. We had a nice tea-time in the backyard amid all her beautiful plants. Mom is a great gardener. She and Dad have have really made their home beautiful. She is so great that I asked her to help me figure out what flowers I should put in my front yard garden. Her response wasn’t just to tell but to take me to Lowe’s and show me and then helped me plant them. Check out the Rose bush, purple basil,  and the pretty Stella plant (I forgot their full name but Stella is definitely the first part of it’s name). And if that wasn’t enough on Mother’s Day, the day we are supposed to give flowers to moms she gave me some of her mint to take home with me to plant.  Mom’s definitely a giver. She doesn’t just give stuff though, she gives of her time and energy. She has helped me with countless projects over the years. I’m very glad God blessed us with the best mom in the world! 


Here is a picture of the lovely flowers living in my front yard. 


And they are even pretty at night! 



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Andrea- Mom.

You probably remember me. I’m Andrea, the second oldest, first tallest sister.  I’m currently hardly ever posting on our blog  because I’m moving to TN in a few weeks and moving is taking up all my mental energy.

I’ve spared some mental energy today because its Mom week on the blog.

I have 3 short examples of how our mom is good at being our mom.  There’s about 7 million examples in all so I’ll get to the others next year when I’m not moving 😉

When we were younger sometimes my dad would work a 24  hour shift at the hospital.  On the nights that Dad was gone, Mom would let one of us sleep with her on their giant water bed.  I thought the water bed was amazing but that wasn’t even the most amazing part.  They had a tv in their room!  As a 9 nine year old I could hardly imagine it getting any better.  Our Mom would stay up late folding laundry and watching M.A.S.H. and on the nights you got to sleep in the water bed you also got to stay up and watch M.A.S.H. while she did someones laundry.

I’m a mom of 2 daughters myself now.  I know that being a mom means that you get tired- tired of people asking you where their stuff is; tired of people needing clean clothes; tired of people needing to eat every single day; tired of people not ever, ever being able to find their shoes when its time to go somewhere. I can only remember one time ever thinking that my mom looked tired and that was the time she laid down on the floor of the den when she was pregnant with our youngest sister Sara and actually said the words “I’m tired.”  I now suspect that she was tired other times besides that one time, but she is really good at appearing as though you’re not making her tired.

She was always remarkably available too.  When I first went to college cell phones were not common, so calling home was an expensive long distance call.  Our parents got an 800 number so we could call home for free anytime if we needed something.  I called that number a lot to ask Mom how to spell words that my spell check couldn’t guess right.  She never seemed annoyed at my exceptionally poor spelling.

Thanks, Mom.  You made a really hard job seem easy.  We are very lucky girls.

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A Birthday Post for Katie and Abbie in which Competition Is an Element

A birthday post by Alice, who switched day with Andrea just this once

Happy birthday to Katie (March 23)! Has anyone mentioned that Katie holds the title for World’s Strongest Poteet? It will be time to challenge her this summer. Viable contenders this year are Andrea and possibly Laura. Laura was the only sister to climb all the walls in the Trinity Mud Trek. Andrea is fiercely competitive and has been moving boxes and furniture around. But Katie has been training for a mud race 4 times as long with harder challenges, so I’m not sure any of us have a chance. But could there be an underdog this year? 

Happy Birthday to Abbie!  When Abbie was younger, I used to crawl over to her bed and say “Good morning, birthday girl” in a whispery voice. That sounds nice. But I wasn’t being nice. I was quoting a commercial for jewelry that we all hated. I can’t remember quite when it started, but it’s possible the commercial first aired the year Kristi Yamaguchi and Nancy Kerrigan went to the olympics. We recorded the figure skating competition on video tape and watched it over and over and over. I saw Abbie just this weekend and I had such a great time with her. I regret not saying “good morning, birthday girl” to her face. I had just dropped piping hot scrambled eggs on my big toe so I was distracted.  But hopefully she’ll read this and then I’ll be in her head. 

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On An Even Keel

A Mother’s Day post by Alice, who switched days just this once with Andrea

Happy Mother’s Day to Mom! The names in the following story have been changed to protect the guilty from embarrassment. 

One day mom told Sister X to run bathwater for the youngest three sisters to take a bath. Sister X turned the water on and went on her way. The youngest three hopped in the bath and proceeded to play mermaids or pour tea or play any of the hundreds of bath time games they had created or had been passed down from older sisters. One of the three eventually came trotting into kitchen where mom was supervising kitchen clean up. Little Sister cheerfully said, “We’re taking a bath and now there’s a waterfall in the bathroom!” The bath tub was overflowing and was flooding the hallway.

Fast forward at least 15 years to 2012. All of us were in town for a visit. Sister X was feeling sick so mom asked one of the youngest three sisters to run bath water for her to help her feel better. She did precisely what mom asked: turned on the bath water. Sister X goes in for her much needed bath to relax and beholds a waterfall and completely flooded bathroom. The hallway was flooded again with around half an inch of water standing in the bathroom.

Both times, despite her frustration, mom didn’t yell or even seem to get mad. She just set to work about cleaning up the mess. Of course she wasn’t happy about cleaning up such messes but this was/is one of the great things about her: she keeps her head in the bedlam. 

I don’t blink twice when people spill milk or create seemingly impossible Lego messes. I saw my mother take on chaos just one small bite at a time. The example she set for us is one of the things I’m most proud of about myself.

This is just one of the many things you’ve passed on to us girls. Thank you, mom. 

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About Mom

I found myself with the privilege of writing on Mother’s Day. It is no small task, because to summarize everything that our mother has been for us would be a very long blog post and odds are I would still forget and not be able to cover everything. So today, a short summary of a few things that Mom has been for us will have to do.

Seven girls – let’s face it: that’s a lot of kids. Yet, there are very few times I remember feeling overlooked, dismissed, forgotten, or unloved. I don’t know how she did it, but I knew that Mom’s love for me was always constant and plentiful. She is definitely the kind of mom who is the person you need her to be – someone who listens, says what you need to hear, is calm and organized in chaos, serves without complaint, and the list goes on.

She managed to always be there for me despite having six other children and having to run a household, and all the other many, many things she did. She was there to patiently dry my tears whenever I would miss one problem on my math test or misspell one word on my spelling test reminding me that it was ok that I am not perfect. Ask any of us, and you will hear many other anecdotes from seven similar yet different perspectives on life lessons that we have learned from Mom.

This year especially I realize how incredible it is that she was able to cook, clean, host, and maintain a household while still managing to nurture, to care, to love, and enjoy her life and family. Come to our house at any holiday (or really anytime) and you will see this. It’s quite the feat, and I use her as my role model for my life here at the dorm.

Days like this always makes me wish I were better at expressing exactly what I want to say, because at the end of this blog post, I feel like this isn’t nearly enough to describe how incredible Mom is and how much she means to me. And now I don’t know how to end this. So, I guess just think of the deepest most inspiring “Mother” quote possible and insert it here, and I’m pretty sure it would be true of Mom but x7. And I will end with that.

I love you so much, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


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More on Abbie

This is Laura here. I write on Thursdays but I’m writing today – a week from Abbie’s Birthday.


One holiday, Abbie had the idea to make a human pyramid and put our most timid dog on the top. We did it!

Last week I called Abbie on her birthday. I like to call Sisters on their birthday. I was with Abbie last year on her birthday. It was a unique and very fun birthday. The most unique thing was that we almost played Laser golf – something I would never choose to do but everyone agreed they would do it with Abbie. We went to the mall with all the cool kids you know – but don’t worry we had our mom with us so we could stay past the mall curfew. We stood and looked at laser golf trying to decide if we were really going to do it. We didn’t. We went home instead and watched Grey’s Anatomy. I called this year because I knew that whatever Abbie was doing it would be unique and fun.


Abbie playing the piano at one of our family talent shows dressed as the Mysterious Lady in Purple. She truly is the most talented musician I know.

These last couple months Abbie and I have been skyping Thursday nights and watching netflix together. Both our husbands are away that night and I know for me it gives me something to look forward to on Thursdays. I’m not into watching TV by myself so having a sister close by makes it better. Some nights we watch Saved by the Bell, Parks and Rec, or a chick flic.

And some nights we don’t even get watch netflix. Some nights we just talk while she cleans her kitchen. As you probably can tell, Abbie is very smart and very wise. Lately I’ve been asking her some of my hardest thinking questions. And I’m not embarrassed to ask them to her. I even find myself getting advice about Brandon. Its always comforting to hear that its normal to get mad at your husband once in a while.

I enjoy spending time with Abbie and now that she’s had a baby and lives only a state away, I see her and talk with her more. Its nice that we have this marriage thing in common.

PS Abbie loves desserts more now that she’s had sweet baby Phoenix. Another great thing every sister has in common.


For Katie’s Birthday we went to Fort Worth where Abbie had many great ideas of what to do. One night we ate a steak house with some of the most memorable moments.

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