Laura is Awesome. A post by Katie.

Laura is a really great older sister to have. She always has been. When we were kids, I don’t remember her being mean or ever trying to get rid of me. She tolerated me and would actually play with me a lot growing up. We had – and we continue to have a lot of fun together.

Even when we got older, I still liked being with Laura. Laura is a good person to have around – she gets people motivated to do fun things, she is good at taking a joke, the way she responds to things is very pleasant, and she loves having fun (although all of the sisters ARE fun, not all of us love having fun.)

One of Laura’s gifts is hospitality. I would say this is a trait that runs very strongly in our family and is especially true of Laura. During my first year of college, she could have easily stayed to herself and avoided me – we lived on opposite sides of campus, and she lived in a townhouse. Instead, she gave me a constant open invitation for me to hang out with her in her townhouse, and I cherish the times that we got to hang out together those years at JBU. I love getting to visit her in her home now too, because she is constantly thinking of fun things to do, fun things to eat, and looking out for her guests in general. She is so good at making people feel loved and welcomed. That is something I admire about her and hope that I can be hospitable just like her.

Laura truly is a remarkable person. She works hard, yet she knows how to have a great time too. And at the end of the day, she is someone that I love spending time with. She is sensitive and gets me in a way that others do not, we like so many of the same activities, and we have a similar sense of humor which has allowed us to share many a laugh together.

Yeah, I’m a big fan of Laura. Happy birthday, Laura. I love you so much.




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