Emily here. As you know it’s summer time! One of the things I do in the summer is tutor. Working with students one-on-one is always very interesting. Here is a little conversation I had with a student this week. We were reading a story about ants having to tug a hamburger bun to their anthill. 

I ask this question. “Where do you think the ants found that bun that they are carrying? There isn’t a right or wrong answer here I just want to know where you think they might have found it?”

Student keeps her eyes closed for a minute (a minute feels extremely long in wait time when you are working one-on-one). 

I finally ask: “Are you imagining where the ants found the bun?”

Student’s answer: “No, I’m imagining a whale and dolphin kissing.” 

I have to say that is more interesting thought than where ants find bread. That’s about it for this post. See ya later!


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