Why everyone needs someone like Emily – by KT

Everyone in the world needs someone in their lives like Emily. There are many reasons why:

Emily has a unique and wonderful way of seeing things. If you get to spend time with her, always try to get her thoughts and opinions on random things like movies, tv shows, celebrities, kindergarten, or whatnot. What you will get is a delightful, thought-out, and often unexpected answer that will probably make you smile. If you ask her a a more serious question you will get a thought out careful and honest answer, for Emily has a lot of wisdom. Who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

Emily is kind. And when I say kind, I mean she is really really really nice. She would probably argue this point and say that there are times she isn’t kind; all this does is prove the point, because 1. that is exactly why she the sort of thing a truly kind person would say and 2. although she is kind, she isn’t as nice as she wants to be so she seeks to be better. And that is probably why she IS so nice and why she is the sort of person you want to keep around.

Emily is fun. Often people who are super nice could be seen as potentially boring to some people. Emily is not boring though. Emily is fun-loving and fun loves her back. Whether you are just hanging out at home or planning a themed party, Emily is an asset to any gathering. In fact, during the summertime, one of my favorite pass times is to be on facebook at the same time as Emily (and or Sara) and in the same room as her while commenting back and forth on a post on facebook or on chat. It is as simple as that to have fun with Emily. So if you want to have a fun time, Emily is your gal.

If I were to write all the reasons I love Emily and why everyone needs someone like her, the list would be longer than the number of viruses in a bottle on level 21 on Dr. Mario. If you know her, you know how true this statement is. If you don’t know how true this statement is, than I hope you get to meet her and/or you find yourself a Nintendo 64 and a copy of Dr. Mario, so you know what I’m talking about.

Em, I love you so much and I’m looking forward to spending this summer drinking bubbly tea, watching So You Think You Can Dance, and hanging out by the pool with you. Happy birthday, Emily!




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