Emily’s Birthday, By Sara

Who is Emily Poteet? In one word? Star. She is a star.
Movie star, shining star, nice star, pretty star, teacher star, dessert star, movie knowledge star, true (and sometimes false) titanic facts star, history star, and every kind of muffin God ever made star.
Emily is not really given enough credit for her good memory, I think. Not only is she always full of fun and interesting facts, she can also recall tons of barbie episodes, historical details of our own lives, movie stories, fictional characters and plot lines, movie and tv trivia, kindergarten stories, and inside jokes. I love this about her! She has such a creative mind, too. Think: “A Jewel Through Time,” “Life times 2,” and “Third Encounters of the Fourth Kind” . Oh, you’re wondering what the connection is between all of these incredible, renowned films? Written, directed and produced by our very own birthday girl, Emily Poteet.
I really love her forest eyes, the way there is bits of brown and green and mysterious blue skies swirled in, with traces of golden sunlight streaming out. And her smile and laugh is formed from the sprites, in fact.
Have you ever wondered who is in the tops ranks of sensitive thoughtfulness and merriest humor? Its Em.
Have you ever wondered if you could lock Emily out of her own house on accident in the coolness of the morning without her cell phone forcing her to go the neighbor and make various of phone calls and wait forever for help to come and her still not get mad at you? You can.
Have you ever felt slightly exasperated but also greatly entertained by all the incorrectly sung song lyrics? If “yes,” you must know Emily like I do!!
Have you ever wondered who is going to ask you how you were able to finish that food so quickly? Its Emily. And its sometimes quite offensive, and always funny.
Have you been wondering who loves bubble tea more then anyone in Texarkana: Its Emily.
Wondering who is the greatest kindergarten teacher, a wonderful sister, and the prettiest twenty-seven year old in Texarkana?
Its definitely Emily Poteet. And I love her very much (also, her Birthday is always fun to plan because it always involves so many meetings and discussions and great ideas).
Happy Birthday, Dave. You too, Bill.

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