just mom and me

its one thing to be one of seven. being one of seven daughters is quite another. girls like to feel special and get exclusive attention. the best memories of my mom are when i felt unique and special from everyone else. from reading all the other mom posts this week, i know each one has felt that from mom, many times. so i don’t have to worry about making the other sisters jealous or like i got special treatment. i did of course and that’s what this post is about. but i know the others did too.
one of the first times was when we lived in the house on cherry street. so. i must have been either 5, 6 or 7. but me and my mom were at home, listening to sandi patti’s ‘the friendship company’. its kid music for those of you who don’t know. there was a pretty song called ‘you are a masterpiece’, where sandi patti sings to little boy gerbert who is sad that his friends didn’t want to play with him anymore. the song is about how special each child is because God made them a masterpiece. and i’m not sure what motivated this action, but my mom stopped whatever she was doing, and came and got me and put me in her lap and held me until the song stopped. from that day, it was our song. just hers and mine. and no one else’s. i felt so special. the next time i felt that special was when me and mom took a walk together at spring lake park. at the end of the walk she told me about her grandfather’s old violin and how it was decided that i was going to get to have it now! i was honored. i still am. to this day, it is the most valuable possession i own. when i grew up, my mom came to visit me in kentucky the weekend i played rachmaninoff’s prelude in g minor in a recital and then later i played my great grandfather’s violin in my school orchestra. she visited me in florida but i had a hard time believing it was JUST FOR ME becuase i lived so close to orlando and the beach. but when she came to visit me in wilmore, kentucky, where the most exciting thing there is a statue of john wesley, i felt unique and special again.
i know now that i am a mom, that babies need their diapers changed a lot and they make messes and make their moms tired. that being a mom is often overlooked, thankless and exhausting. i do thank her for all of the things i’m doing for my own little one now. but the things that i will always be the most thankful for are still the type of things i mentioned already. if she doesn’t know how much that sandi patti song still means to me, well, she does now. thanks mom, love you.

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