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(Unintentional) Ricotta Week

This weekend I (Emily) made blueberry ricotta filled puffs. I needed a use for the ricotta I had bought for something else. I remember buying the bigger one because it was only a few cents more than the smaller one. … Continue reading

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A Quest for Sushi

Tonight I, Laura, wanted to make Sushi for dinner. We LOVE sushi at my house. On our first date, my husband took me to get sushi. I’ve attempted to make sushi three times in my life. Once in Germany, once … Continue reading

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Time get ready to Start Seeds Indoors

A Gardening Post by Alice   Like a lot of people, January and February are my least favorite months. The days are too short. Temperatures make playing outside difficult for my little children, even with their warm coats. We try … Continue reading

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Andrea+ Heath+ Downton Abbey= 4Ever

You’ve probably heard of Downton Abbey.  Its the very popular British drama just starting its third season here in the states.  I was late to get on the Downton train myself (its a steam engine, naturally). I initially thought all … Continue reading

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The day Laura met Andy

I heard my mother-in-law say “Hey there. How’s it going? Looks like we had the same idea”. I turned around to see who ever it is that Tammy knows – probably someone from Springfield. My In-Laws are quite social and … Continue reading

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On colds, and why no one should get them.

It’s Sunday, so I, Katie, hereby post this: So, I had this conversation with Dad over Christmas break who had a cold during Christmas. He’s with me on this one. He is a doctor, so I feel like that makes … Continue reading

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Time Travel and the multi-Parrellel of Time Lines

Hi. Its Sara. I know its been a while, but this post is a biggie, so it will make up for it. Today, we explore the time-line spectrum dilemma presented in Emily’s Poteet Film Festival movie, “Life Times 2.” In … Continue reading

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