Laura is Awesome. A post by Katie.

Laura is a really great older sister to have. She always has been. When we were kids, I don’t remember her being mean or ever trying to get rid of me. She tolerated me and would actually play with me a lot growing up. We had – and we continue to have a lot of fun together.

Even when we got older, I still liked being with Laura. Laura is a good person to have around – she gets people motivated to do fun things, she is good at taking a joke, the way she responds to things is very pleasant, and she loves having fun (although all of the sisters ARE fun, not all of us love having fun.)

One of Laura’s gifts is hospitality. I would say this is a trait that runs very strongly in our family and is especially true of Laura. During my first year of college, she could have easily stayed to herself and avoided me – we lived on opposite sides of campus, and she lived in a townhouse. Instead, she gave me a constant open invitation for me to hang out with her in her townhouse, and I cherish the times that we got to hang out together those years at JBU. I love getting to visit her in her home now too, because she is constantly thinking of fun things to do, fun things to eat, and looking out for her guests in general. She is so good at making people feel loved and welcomed. That is something I admire about her and hope that I can be hospitable just like her.

Laura truly is a remarkable person. She works hard, yet she knows how to have a great time too. And at the end of the day, she is someone that I love spending time with. She is sensitive and gets me in a way that others do not, we like so many of the same activities, and we have a similar sense of humor which has allowed us to share many a laugh together.

Yeah, I’m a big fan of Laura. Happy birthday, Laura. I love you so much.




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Emily here. As you know it’s summer time! One of the things I do in the summer is tutor. Working with students one-on-one is always very interesting. Here is a little conversation I had with a student this week. We were reading a story about ants having to tug a hamburger bun to their anthill. 

I ask this question. “Where do you think the ants found that bun that they are carrying? There isn’t a right or wrong answer here I just want to know where you think they might have found it?”

Student keeps her eyes closed for a minute (a minute feels extremely long in wait time when you are working one-on-one). 

I finally ask: “Are you imagining where the ants found the bun?”

Student’s answer: “No, I’m imagining a whale and dolphin kissing.” 

I have to say that is more interesting thought than where ants find bread. That’s about it for this post. See ya later!


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Why I love Emily



Being the youngest sister closest in age to Emily, I feel like I got to spend the most time with Emily. I got to share a room (twice), had to share a bed until another one became available, have always shared a bathroom, and got to share a house for a year with her. She is a great older sister to have.

Emily is one of the most creative and imaginative people I know. And that is very admirable in my eyes.

Trying on hats for the races or the picnic in Ft. Worth.

Trying on hats for the races or the picnic in Ft. Worth.

When she was the oldest sister upstairs, she would tell us a story at night about a girl named Beulah. We’d all fallasleep before she’d finish but she’d catch us up the next night. Her movies reflect her intricate creative mind. I’m jealous when I hear her movie ideas but I’m even more jealous of her coveted acting skills. She stars in a majority of the movies made at home and is consistently nominated for best actress. Amazing.

Emily and I were supposed to be roommates together in college. We were going to go to Ouachita (I think) and she’d be a Senior and I’d be a freshman but at least we would have one year together. The age/year different wouldn’t be a problem.

This means love.

This means Love.

That fell through but she did introduce me to JBU where I ended up going and loving all four years. So thanks Em.



Like one sister said before me, she is wise. I enjoyed her wisdom when I lived with her. While our range of discussion would vary from what we thought the lyrics were to a song to how God loves us, Emily has a thought out, loving response unlike any I’ve known before. I do value her opinion and appreciate the way she expresses it.

I got to go home for the end of Emily’s birthday. I ate left over bagel bites and S’more bars. I gave her an Alfred Hitchcock movie I hope to watch with her. She introduced me to Bubble Tea and the Couch to 5K app. We sat in the sun by the pool and chatted. I love spending time with Emily. Last week I called her singing, asking what song this was. I love it that we found out. I love quoting movies with her. I love making movies with her. I love Emily.

We had someone take a picture of Emily and I in front of the Arc. I guess they thought we didn't want it in the picture.

We had someone take a picture of Emily and I in front of the Gateway Arc. I guess they thought we didn’t want it in the picture.

Emily touching the Arc in St. Louis

Emily touching the Arch in St. Louis

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Why everyone needs someone like Emily – by KT

Everyone in the world needs someone in their lives like Emily. There are many reasons why:

Emily has a unique and wonderful way of seeing things. If you get to spend time with her, always try to get her thoughts and opinions on random things like movies, tv shows, celebrities, kindergarten, or whatnot. What you will get is a delightful, thought-out, and often unexpected answer that will probably make you smile. If you ask her a a more serious question you will get a thought out careful and honest answer, for Emily has a lot of wisdom. Who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

Emily is kind. And when I say kind, I mean she is really really really nice. She would probably argue this point and say that there are times she isn’t kind; all this does is prove the point, because 1. that is exactly why she the sort of thing a truly kind person would say and 2. although she is kind, she isn’t as nice as she wants to be so she seeks to be better. And that is probably why she IS so nice and why she is the sort of person you want to keep around.

Emily is fun. Often people who are super nice could be seen as potentially boring to some people. Emily is not boring though. Emily is fun-loving and fun loves her back. Whether you are just hanging out at home or planning a themed party, Emily is an asset to any gathering. In fact, during the summertime, one of my favorite pass times is to be on facebook at the same time as Emily (and or Sara) and in the same room as her while commenting back and forth on a post on facebook or on chat. It is as simple as that to have fun with Emily. So if you want to have a fun time, Emily is your gal.

If I were to write all the reasons I love Emily and why everyone needs someone like her, the list would be longer than the number of viruses in a bottle on level 21 on Dr. Mario. If you know her, you know how true this statement is. If you don’t know how true this statement is, than I hope you get to meet her and/or you find yourself a Nintendo 64 and a copy of Dr. Mario, so you know what I’m talking about.

Em, I love you so much and I’m looking forward to spending this summer drinking bubbly tea, watching So You Think You Can Dance, and hanging out by the pool with you. Happy birthday, Emily!




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Emily’s Birthday, By Sara

Who is Emily Poteet? In one word? Star. She is a star.
Movie star, shining star, nice star, pretty star, teacher star, dessert star, movie knowledge star, true (and sometimes false) titanic facts star, history star, and every kind of muffin God ever made star.
Emily is not really given enough credit for her good memory, I think. Not only is she always full of fun and interesting facts, she can also recall tons of barbie episodes, historical details of our own lives, movie stories, fictional characters and plot lines, movie and tv trivia, kindergarten stories, and inside jokes. I love this about her! She has such a creative mind, too. Think: “A Jewel Through Time,” “Life times 2,” and “Third Encounters of the Fourth Kind” . Oh, you’re wondering what the connection is between all of these incredible, renowned films? Written, directed and produced by our very own birthday girl, Emily Poteet.
I really love her forest eyes, the way there is bits of brown and green and mysterious blue skies swirled in, with traces of golden sunlight streaming out. And her smile and laugh is formed from the sprites, in fact.
Have you ever wondered who is in the tops ranks of sensitive thoughtfulness and merriest humor? Its Em.
Have you ever wondered if you could lock Emily out of her own house on accident in the coolness of the morning without her cell phone forcing her to go the neighbor and make various of phone calls and wait forever for help to come and her still not get mad at you? You can.
Have you ever felt slightly exasperated but also greatly entertained by all the incorrectly sung song lyrics? If “yes,” you must know Emily like I do!!
Have you ever wondered who is going to ask you how you were able to finish that food so quickly? Its Emily. And its sometimes quite offensive, and always funny.
Have you been wondering who loves bubble tea more then anyone in Texarkana: Its Emily.
Wondering who is the greatest kindergarten teacher, a wonderful sister, and the prettiest twenty-seven year old in Texarkana?
Its definitely Emily Poteet. And I love her very much (also, her Birthday is always fun to plan because it always involves so many meetings and discussions and great ideas).
Happy Birthday, Dave. You too, Bill.

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just mom and me

its one thing to be one of seven. being one of seven daughters is quite another. girls like to feel special and get exclusive attention. the best memories of my mom are when i felt unique and special from everyone else. from reading all the other mom posts this week, i know each one has felt that from mom, many times. so i don’t have to worry about making the other sisters jealous or like i got special treatment. i did of course and that’s what this post is about. but i know the others did too.
one of the first times was when we lived in the house on cherry street. so. i must have been either 5, 6 or 7. but me and my mom were at home, listening to sandi patti’s ‘the friendship company’. its kid music for those of you who don’t know. there was a pretty song called ‘you are a masterpiece’, where sandi patti sings to little boy gerbert who is sad that his friends didn’t want to play with him anymore. the song is about how special each child is because God made them a masterpiece. and i’m not sure what motivated this action, but my mom stopped whatever she was doing, and came and got me and put me in her lap and held me until the song stopped. from that day, it was our song. just hers and mine. and no one else’s. i felt so special. the next time i felt that special was when me and mom took a walk together at spring lake park. at the end of the walk she told me about her grandfather’s old violin and how it was decided that i was going to get to have it now! i was honored. i still am. to this day, it is the most valuable possession i own. when i grew up, my mom came to visit me in kentucky the weekend i played rachmaninoff’s prelude in g minor in a recital and then later i played my great grandfather’s violin in my school orchestra. she visited me in florida but i had a hard time believing it was JUST FOR ME becuase i lived so close to orlando and the beach. but when she came to visit me in wilmore, kentucky, where the most exciting thing there is a statue of john wesley, i felt unique and special again.
i know now that i am a mom, that babies need their diapers changed a lot and they make messes and make their moms tired. that being a mom is often overlooked, thankless and exhausting. i do thank her for all of the things i’m doing for my own little one now. but the things that i will always be the most thankful for are still the type of things i mentioned already. if she doesn’t know how much that sandi patti song still means to me, well, she does now. thanks mom, love you.

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Mom by Sara

One of my earliest memories of Mom involves me standing around pretending to work while everyone cleaned up the upstairs. We use to never understand why she’d make us clean up our rooms– after all, SHE didn’t live in those rooms. I’d ask her why, and she say because its the happy way to live. Isn’t that all rather strange? What would you say to yourself if you asked yourself, “Well, its a right proper diaster up there. Should I let them live in the toy dump they’ve created, or should I go up, deal with all the moaning and help them live the happy way?” I can tell you what I would decide to myself. (The first one).
We lived upstairs, you know, and the sound of mom’s foot steps on the stairs, sturdy and rhythmic, were like the warning drums. Either it meant we’d have to do school or we’d have to clean up- both terrible. But she was always so steady. Always taking us to better places, against our will and poorer judgement.
She is out of town right now, and I am here at her house unsure of what to do with myself. I’ve stayed here by myself on several occasions, but when mom is not around there is a sort of aimlessness about the entire earth. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with myself for years, and through every single day of changing my mind about every single thing, she’s always been there to tell me that my new idea was a possibility and that everything was okay, oh, and since I was there, we ought to go ahead and watch the new Pioneer Woman. See? Thats exactly what one needs in a mother. I don’t know how she gets along so much without complaining. That is something that ought to be commended.
You’re not allowed to sing or talk about barbies at the table. Or sing or eat food while doing the dishes. I guess that is also the happy way to live.

I’ve asked for the last ten or more birthdays and Christmases for a kitten and she never gets me one. Thats the only negative comment I can come up with.

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